LA museum's Sci-fi car exhibit includes Hololens tours

LA museum's Sci-fi car exhibit includes Hololens tours

'Blade Runner, "Halo" and "Tron" are just part of the experience.

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There's a chance you've seen a movie car or two if you've visited a convention, but the Petersen Automotive Museum's offering should be more... elaborate. It's opening a "Hollywood Dream Machines" exhibit that will showcase 40 vehicles from sci-fi games and movies. Some of them are practically expected, like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, Deckard's sedan from Blade Runner and a lightcycle from Tron: Legacy. Others, however, are harder-to-see items like the GM Ultralight from Demolition Man as well as Lexuses from Black Panther and Minority Report. And how many times are you going to see life-size recreations of a Warthog from Halo or a Sparrow from Destiny?

Just how you experience the exhibit may be as important as what's there. Microsoft is playing a big role in the exhibit, and you'll have the chance to don a HoloLens headset for mixed reality tours of the DeLorean and Warthog. It's a shameless plug for Microsoft's technology, of course, but it promises a more engaging experience than staring and snapping the occasional photo.

There's an opening reception for the exhibit on May 4th at 7PM local time if you're willing to spend $75 per ticket. You don't have to rush, though -- the display will run until March 15th, 2020. Either way, it might be worth going if you have even the slightest fascination with sci-fi cars. It's a chance not just to say you've seen some iconic rides, but to see how the designs have evolved over the decades. 

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